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Foldable solar panels: special demonstration in Utrecht

A cloudy day, last March 12th. Exactly the day of a demonstration of solar panels for on set. Just before the pandemic broke out, we met the British team of Renovagen with their Fast Fold; a battery system with foldable solar panels. Last month we contacted them for our update on applications in development and found out we could arrange a special demonstration in the Netherlands. In collaboration with the always helpful Wim Horst of the Municipality of Utrecht, Head of Business Development Colin and R&D manager Dan unfolded the Fast Fold system in the Griftpark. A location especially selected by Wim, since they are already experimenting with solar panels there, for example embedded in the pavement.

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Update on drinking tap water: mapping public taps

We are doing well with refilling water bottles on the set! Since the tap water pilot in 2017 in collaboration with Join The Pipe, we are increasingly seeing productions opt for refillable water bottles instead of disposable plastic. This is in line with the general trend in the Netherlands; a recent study by SodaStream found that 72% of Dutch people plan to use less disposable plastic by 2020. That’s more than trying to quit smoking!

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What’s up with…? Sustainable applications in development revisited

In the last years we often reported on new sustainable applications being developed, as inspiration or perhaps to use on set in the future. As a filmmaker you are naturally mostly concerned with when these will be available for use, but in practice development often takes years. That’s why we decided to follow up on various ‘Greenspirations’ from the 2015/2016 period and see wether they are already for sale or rent. Or if the dream is over…

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On the set of a new Blazhoffski drama series

by Els Rientjes

It is mid-May 2019 and I’m in a meeting with executive producer Marjon van Welzen and production manager Diana van Wegen at production company Blazhoffski. It’s two weeks until their first shooting day of a major new drama series. More than 80 shooting days are planned between June 1st and the end of November for a series that is ambitious in appearance, but low in budget. On the wall of their office is a series of portraits of the cast. Largely young faces, with a few open spots where negotiations are still under way.

Blazhoffski has stated they want to make sustainable production a habit, which is why Green Film Making has this discussion with the heart of this production.

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Report Workshop Sustainable Energy & Launch Film Harvest Map

Green Film Making ended a busy 2019 with the launch of our Film Harvest Map in Mediamatic in Amsterdam! On Tuesday November 5, participants braved the dreary weather and were treated to an interactive workshop on sustainable energy on set. It was a varied evening with, among other things, a case study of the live broadcast of the Prinsengracht concert, Wim Horst from the Municipality of Utrecht showed the public electricity points for sustainable power in town and various suppliers showcased their sustainable generators and battery packs. All the entries for these good examples were of course shown live on the Film Harvest Map, developed together with Superuse Studios. You can now find sustainable power solutions at a glance across the country!

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Film Harvest Map now online!

For the past 2 years, Green Film Making has worked hard on the development of our Film Harvest Map, in collaboration with architectural firm Superuse Studios. And yesterday it was officially launched! Find public charging points, electric generators and battery packs in The Netherlands that can be used on the film set:

You will find all tech specs and necessary contact details to get started right away. For the options of public charging points in several big Dutch cities we have had help from the local film commissioners. And all suppliers of sustainable applications listed on the map are ready to provide you with clean and quiet energy for the set.

Do you have comments, updates, additions or would like your own profile to create entries yourself? Contact us now!

Next year we will add to the map with options for sustainable set design, props and costumes. The map is not only limited to the Netherlands, new entries can be made for the entire world. Do you have ideas about cross-pollination with other initiatives or sectors that could find the map useful, we’re happy to hear from you!