New wave of filmmaking: building sets to be permanent, not disposable

Irene Cortes' unique and budding approach to filmmaking aims to positively contribute to shooting locations through the building of real sets, that can be used by real people; long after the shooting phase is completed. Her efforts have brought her to the realization of 3E Studios, a production group that pivots from the concept of building permanent film sets. In effect, 3E works to create impactful feature films that also benefit ecology, & the local environments in which they are shot. Her latest film is set in a futuristic ecological utopia. And she is going to build it in real life. Wow. Read more below. [photo:,rendering for geodesic domes that behave as both a film set,& solar plant in Tubao, La Union]


Lately, we've been looking at how the UK film industry has adopted their advanced green agenda; their industry is an undeniable trailblazer in sustainable production.CEO of the BFI, Amanda Nevill, explains the industry's unwavering support in going sustainable: "Film touches everybody's lives, so there is a real opportunity...It isn’t just about tons of carbon or your carbon footprint. It’s also about the impact your production is having on real-life makes absolute business sense to do it...The UK is leading the way; there is even a British Standard specifically for sustainability in film – no other country in the world has that.” See the BFI's CEO talk British sustainable film production in a great video interview here. [photo:]


The 2014 Amsterdam Food Film Festival takes place May 9th-11th this year, and it is going to be dee-lish! "Many exceptional films have been made about food and the value of food in society, and many more are made each year. To offer these films a platform, the idea for the Food Film Festival was born at a kitchen table in Amsterdam in 2010[...]Not only do we focus on the culinary side of food, we also critically examine our food system". Doubly appetizing, nice! The festival incorporates not only films, but workshops, presentations, an organic farmers market, and major festival production sustainability initiatives too. Check the festival out and all of its delicious offerings here. Bon appétit! [photo:]

The Amazing (sustainable) Spider-Man is Earth Hour's first super hero ambassador

This year, EarthHour has joined forces with "the most eco friendly blockbuster in the history of Sony Pictures" , 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'.We truly admire this effort of the eco-blockbuster, for using its popular appeal to help shed light on the protection of the environment. After all, "With great power, comes great responsibility". Millions of people around the world joined forces with Spider-Man during Earth Hour 2014, in turning their lights off for one hour, to become super heroes for the planet.This partnership inspires people to join in Earth Hour's environmental movement, while highlighting the film's commitment to becoming a sustainably produced film. Win, win, win! Never underestimate your power, and check Sustainable-Spidey in action for Earth Hour here:

Who's Who: Nicola Knoch (Germany)

In January, we were very proud to host Nicola Knoch as a seminar leader, in our first Green Film Making Workshop of 2014. Her work as an on-set 'sustainability representative', strives to provide a more human and holistic approach to traditional film production methods, within a medium that has always been about human reflection at its core. Nicola asks: Why? Why do we want to go sustainable? For her, the answer goes beyond CO2 calculations, facts and figures - to the more emotive, personal, and human heart at the core of most film projects. From a place of personal good will, Knoch has proven (and with a successful career to boot!), that the rest will follow suit. [photo: Michael Vervuurt]

'Green Film Making is Taking Over Europe': Masterclass in Amsterdam

Recently we told you about our upcoming field trip to London for the Sustainable Production Eco- Expo on April 10. And now, we're very happy to announce that we will also be present for the Festival Film & Science at the EYE Film Institute in Amsterdam on Thursday April 24. We are hosting a FREE masterclass entitled, "Green Film Making is Taking over Europe", and have invited other green film making experts from around Europe to broaden the perspective, as well as join in the discussion and knowledge exchange. More info here. It will be an invaluable meeting of greening European minds, see you there! [photo:]


In or around London on April 10th? Join us, for the London Sustainable TV& Film Production Eco-Expo. This expo is a networking & information sharing event, to connect those in entertainment media who are looking to push sustainability forward within the industry: our project leaders Chai Locher and Wiendelt Hooijer, will be there to speak on the project's behalf as well! This event brings together practitioners, production people, students of film and media, and related organizations for an collaborative evening of related sustainability presentations, learning, and networking. The industry will grow greener when we work together. Admission: FREE, but seats are limited, so RSVP here, and get more info below. [print: Quincy Moore]


We are very happy to announce that student production teams from IRELAND, THE NETHERLANDS, & ENGLAND will be competing for this year's European wide title of "Green Film Makers of the Year". With this 2014 edition of The Green Film Making Competition, we are challenging young film makers across Europe to produce their films as sustainably as possible, while coming up with new and innovative sustainable solutions for onset. Winning teams will: become industry pioneers, present their project, findings, & solutions during the Netherlands Film Festival 2014, and will also receive a monetary prize. Let the games begin! [photo:]

recap: first ​GREEN Film making project PROGRESS MEETING, of 2014

On March 12th, producers of The Nederlands Film Festival's 'NTR Kort!' film program got together with our team, to share what insights they have gained, & what challenges they face in the process of trying to make their films sustainably. The verdict? Dutch film makers express a great desire to collaborate on sustainability, in order to push this progress forward. They have plenty of leverage as the guiding hand on their sets, & can introduce a dialogue on sustainable alternatives with their crew, & service companies. Iris Otten of Pupkin Film, put it this way: "as film production professionals we're doers, maybe we should aim to become thinkers".

green budding at Hollywood's biggest event of the year, the Oscars

Who shone bright like a conflict-free diamond in eco-friendly Parisian designs (& vegan shoes!), on the Oscar red carpet? And, what happened at Global Green USA's Annual Pre Oscar Party; hailed as THE green event of Oscar Week ? Click the link below to find out. Green is definitely going glamorous in Hollywood with the 2014 Oscars, and our project has been noted on it's "20 Great Resources for Green Film Makers" page too! [photo: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP]