On Oct. 2 global leaders of the UN’s 120 member states got together to address action on the growing impacts of Climate Change. And how did they open the ceremony? With a short film of course! You can see that informative and emotive film here. And who was chosen to deliver one of the powerful opening speeches to the summit members? Actor Leonardo DiCaprio! Watch him here. The role of the incredibly visible film industry in generating effective response to the environment, is undeniable.

And, with an abundance of other big climate change minded events and announcements taking place this past week – the 400,000 civilian turnout to the Peoples’ Climate March, the more than 1000 businesses (along with 73 countries and 22 states, provinces and cities) announced by The World Bank to support carbon pricing, as well as the Rockerfellers Brothers Fund’s announcement to sell it’s 50$ billion dollars worth of fossil fuel assets on behalf of cleaner energy alternatives – the message has become crystal clear: sustainability is now not only the responsible future, it is clearly the future of business too. So join us on Oct . 2 at the NFF for our masterclass “Green Filmmaking: The Future of Producing”.  Set yourself ahead of the rest, and find out why going green is not only good for you, but good for business too. Help us take the film industry into the future!

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