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Best practices

We often come across good ideas and experiences with sustainability from professionals in the field that can also be useful to others. In this ‘Best practices’ section we present a collection of these first hand experiences from home and abroad. To inspire or for adoption. If you have a green hack or story from set that could fit here, please let us know!

Production team The Big Escape goes the extra mile

Dutch production company BlazHoffski wants to produce as sustainably as possible and asked Green Film Making to consult their productions. And so on June 4th, sustainability manager Els Rientjes met with executive producer Nicolle Weenink and production manager Yara Graber, who were scheduled to shoot their third series of The Big Escape, a big reality […]

AVROTROS recycles clothing and props

In the past 6 months Green Film Making continued with consulting Dutch broadcaster AVROTROS in making its in-house productions more sustainable. Last year, Els Rientjes already worked with the teams of the shows Tussen Kunst en Kitsch and Opsporing Verzocht. This season the work was more than doubled with a larger number of productions. At the […]